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Why Use AutoLotClassics
We help sellers of classic vehicles advertise their classic vehicles.
Advertise & List Your Car For Sale
Advertise your classic vehicle for less than half the price if you were to do it yourself.
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Our unique marketing strategy is fun, easy-to-do and there is no selling involved!
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We make it easy to buy and sell your next classic auto.
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Utilizing our team’s experience in buying and selling classic vehicles.
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Sell Your Classic Auto For Less With Us!
List and advertise your classic vehicle for less than half the price if you were to do it yourself. Get Started Now >>
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Why Use Us?

At AutoLotClassics, our main focus is to help sellers of classic vehicles list and advertise their classic vehicles on all major classic car websites for less than half the price if they were to do it themselves.
How? We have extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive inventory management process which allows us to leverage our existing infrastructure and create a platform that takes advantage of an economy of scale process and system.
For one low fee, we will take up 100 high definition photos, film a walk-around video, write a sellable vehicle description, and list and advertise your classic auto on multiple websites for a price that is substantially lower than if you were to advertise on one classic car website. As a result, listing and advertising your classic automobile with AutoLotClassics broadens your car listing and saves you money and time!
For example, if you were to advertise your classic vehicle separately on three of the major classic car websites, you would pay more than $550! Not to mention the time and labor taking pictures, filming a video, and writing a detailed and sellable vehicle listing description.
When using AutoLotClassics' Full Service Vehicle Listing process, we do all the work for you. Our photographers have extensive experience in vehicle photography to help sell your classic auto faster and more efficiently compared to doing it yourself. We also create a comprehensive and sellable vehicle description, so the buyer will have firsthand knowledge of the vehicle's condition, service history and other pertinent information.
For sale is a mint condition 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S (type 993, the last generation of the air-cooled Porsche 911). Some believe this generation is the most coveted! The C4S gives you all the looks and handling of the Turbo without the high-cost maintenance! Same brakes, steering, wheels, body and suspension! It is black over tan leather interior and sports the factory turbo package! It has only 66,000 miles! There are no modifications or previous paint work. All stickers and identification plates are intact and proper. The lines are as straight as an arrow! Through-out my ownership, it has been fully serviced by a professional shop that specializes in air cooled 911's; Steinel's Autowerks. All service records are available since my ownership. There are no accidents and it retains its original paint. The interior is in perfect condition with only slight wear on the driver side seat bolster and a small (less than a ¼”) crack in the center of the dash. Since my ownership, the car has never seen rain or any inclement weather! Always garaged and meticulously maintained. CarFax report, service records and more pictures available upon request. I will not respond to text messages and/or low-ball offers. Please call if you have any questions. I encourage and welcome any 3rd party pre-purchase inspections.
AutoLotClassics was founded by Dale Malick. Dale has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. As a founder of AutoLotManager.com, Dale brings his knowledge of the Internet, software design and development, and automotive marketing to help other automotive enthusiasts and collectors to buy and more importantly sell classic automobiles.
Dale's knowledge of Porsche, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lotus, Corvettes, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and other classic and exotic vehicles is second to none. Why? Because Dale has first hand experience owning a wide variety of classic automobiles. Moreover, by using video technology along with social media marketing, Dale created an automotive YouTube channel that accumulated over 20 million video views and helped dealerships sell cars all over the world.
Understanding what car buyers and sellers want, Dale decided to create AutoLotClassics. At AutoLotClassics, we do all the work for you. It is that simple!
Included in our vehicle listing process are 100 high definition pictures of your classic vehicle. We will photograph all the correct exterior angles and relevant interior sections (including the engine bay, trunk and when possible, the undercarriage). And it doesn’t stop there!
Our expert and experienced photographers will also record an in-depth high definition walk-around video filming all the vehicle's angles and any imperfections; both on the exterior and interior areas of the vehicle. We will even record the sound of the engine. If pictures are worth 1,000 words, then a video is worth 100,000 words!
After our team photographs and records a video of your classic car, we will then post and list your classic vehicle for sale on Hemmings, AutoTrader Classics, ClassicCars.com, Craigslist, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and when relevant, Make specific car forums.
Just think if you were to do this yourself! You would not only pay more than $550 to do so, but spend a great deal of time and energy taking the correct photographs, filming a video, posting your listing to multiple websites and creating a sellable car description. Instead, we do all the work for you for only a fraction of the cost. A tremendous savings and value!
Full Service Classic Car Listings*
Listing and Advertising Cost (Per Listing) Package Includes
Call For Price

We will come to your location, take up to 100 high quality photos, film an in-depth high-definition video, write a comprehensive vehicle description and will list and advertise your classic auto for sale on all major classic car websites.

Discounts available for multiple vehicles.
- Up to 100 Pictures
- 1 High Defination Walk-Around Video
- Detailed Vehicle Listing Description
- Free Website

Advertising & Listings Websites
- Hemmings Online
- AutoTrader Classics
- ClassicCars.com
- Classic Auto Source
- YouTube
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Craigslist
- Make Specific Car Forums
*Call For Service Locations
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